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About dragon boating

Dragon boating is an exciting sport that is taking Australia by storm!  If you are looking for a fun and challenging new sport then why not give it a go?

The brightly painted fibreglass boats are approximately 12 metres long and decorated with a dragon's head and tail. Each boat holds up to 20 paddlers sitting side by side.  There is a sweep (helmsman) who steers the boat and the paddlers are kept in time by drummer who beats a large drum.

Regattas are held on multi-lane courses, which can result in very exciting (and very loud) racing. Normal race distances are 200m (short race) and 500m (standard race), although there are some events with races of 1km and more.  Crews are divided into various classes including open, mixed, ladies, junior and charity.

As a club we race against other Victorian clubs at regattas across the state, as well as competing annually at the Victorian State Titles and the Australian National Championships. There are also opportunities to complete in overseas regattas.